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Regional project to improve sustainable access to financial services by strengthening education and association structures

Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Panama, Peru

Local project partners
Ecuador: UCACSUR
Mexico: BANSEFI, Caja Morelia Valladolid
Peru: Banco de la Nación

German project partner
Ostdeutscher Sparkassenverband (OSV)


01. october 2014 – 30. september 2022

The main objective of this comprehensive regional project was to improve sustainable access to financial services by strengthening education and association structures.

To support MSMEs during the start-up and growth phases, they need a reliable financing partner who can provide them with competent financial advisors. In this context, the dual training of financial advisors and the training and further education of specialists and managers are of great importance. The strengthening and professionalisation of the association structures also promote a functioning financial system and a commercially efficient organisation of the affiliated microfinance institutions, so that the clients of the MFIs also benefit indirectly here (e.g. cost advantages, offer of adequate products, professional advice). The associations also play an important role as representatives of the interests of the affiliated financial institutions when it comes to regulatory issues or safeguarding savings deposits.

The main objective of the project was accordingly pursued via four focal points:

1) Introduction of the dual training system
2) Developing and expanding the training programme and advising the partner institutions
3) Strengthening the association system
4) Improving financial education


  • Introduction of dual vocational training in the financial sector, including development of customised curricula and training materials, training of lecturers and specialist supervisors, identification of a suitable certification body, etc.
  • Development and implementation of training and further education programmes
  • Selection and training of trainers, lecturers and multipliers
  • Designing and setting up training centres in partner associations
  • Advising associations, e.g. with regard to organisational structure, financing, governance structure, improvement of services, etc.
  • Supporting associations in the fulfilment of their tasks as stakeholders
  • Raising awareness of financial education, e.g. with MFIs, associations, consumer protection organisations, government agencies, etc.
  • Development and implementation of country and partner-specific strategies for financial education
  • Further development of training materials for financial education and implementation of training courses for children, young people and adults (private households and small and medium-sized enterprises)

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