Press review

Report on DSIK's new Innovatech project in cooperation with IFAD in six latinamerican countries
"IFAD-funded project to develop technological solutions", IFAD, 22.02.2022

Summary of field research on the impact of DSIKs Business Games in Zambia
"MADM: Online Field Research in Zambia", IEE Newsletter No. 34, December 2021

Article in the Jordan press about the project agreement between the Business Development Center “BDC” & the German Sparkassenstiftung für internationale Kooperation e. V. 

Press release in English
Publication in Al Ghad Tageszeitung, 22.04.2021
Publication in Al Rai Zeitung, 22.04.2021

Article published by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests about the Farmers Business Game conducted in Bhutan. 

"Farmers learn business literacy to ensure better farm management", Website Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, 18.03.2021.

Article about the partnership and the development of RENEW Microfinance Private Limited (RENEW) in Bhutan in the magazine of the European Microfinance Awards "Encouraging effective & inclusive savings Lessons and Best Practices from the European Microfinance Award 2020"

"Encouraging effective & inclusive savings", page 31, November 2020

"Savings Bank Foundation upgrades skills in the microfinance sector", Article about Sparkassenstiftung in Ghana in the magazine of the German Embassy "Daily Graphic: Day of German Unity 2019", October 2019

"Savings Bank Foundation upgrades skills in the microfinance sector", page 6, October 2019

"Financial education in the agricultural sector", El Economista Mexico, July 2019

El Economista, July 2019

Translation English and German

"SBFIC changing lives of rural women in Rwanda", The New Times Rwanda Online, March 2019

The New Times Rwanda Online, March 2019

"High school students are getting ready to business life by Micro Business Game", press release on the introduction of the Micro Business Game in Turkey, November 2017

Press release, November 2017

"We need German Sparkle", The Sun on Sunday, Ireland, 15th of July 2014

The Sun on Sunday, July 2014

"Microfinance staff improve operational skills" / "Vientiane Times" (Laos) / August 2013

Vientiane Times 08.2013

"Finance sector gets new boost" "The Citizen" (Tanzania) / November 2012:

The Citizen 11.2012

"Women's microfinance institution marks success, unveils plaque" / "Vientiane Times" (Laos) / August 2012:

Vientiane Times 08.2012 

"Well timed wisdom: Financial literacy for schools" / "New Times" (Ruanda) / August 2011:

New Times 08.2011 

"New informal training method to facilitate micro entrepreneurs unveiled" / "New Times" (Ruanda) / August 2011:

New Times 08.2011

"Germany helps Lao women access microfinance opportunities" / "Vientiane Times" / August 2011:

Vientiane Times 08.2011 

"Financial literacy campaign in schools is helpful" / "New Times" (Ruanda) / August 2011:

New Times 08.2011

"Financial literacy campaign targets school" / "New Times" (Ruanda) / August 2011:

New Times 08.2011

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