Economic and financial inclusion of displaced persons


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04.08.2021 - 17.01.2022

The arrival of displaced persons (FDP) puts significant pressure on host societies due to the increased financial and administrative burden on host governments and the need for long-term social and economic integration. In Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), it is estimated that there are more than 11.6 million FDP in the region (UNHCR 2018). Most of them come from Venezuela (about 6.5 million). Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and Brazil have received the most Venezuelans who have left their country. Colombia has recorded the largest concentration to date, with about 1.7 million Venezuelans.

Many factors prevent FDP from becoming self-sufficient in their host countries, such as through permanent employment or starting their own businesses. FDP require different types of financial and non-financial services, which vary greatly at different stages of the resettlement process. In most cases, FDP do not have access to formal financial services, which further complicates their integration. The market potential of FDP is often underestimated,
as there is limited knowledge of their needs and little incentive has been provided to date to adequately and profitably serve the FDP segment.

The task is to conduct a comprehensive market and context analysis of economic and financial inclusion opportunities for FDPs in Colombia. The objective of the study is to identify potential pathways for FDP to improve access to and use of formal financial services. The project will also identify the needs of host communities and promote solutions that benefit both migrants and local vulnerable populations.


  • Conduct a market and context analysis of economic and financial inclusion opportunities for displaced persons (FDP) in Colombia.
  • Identify relevant stakeholders in the financial sector and build business cases to support the creation and/or expansion of supply-side services for the target group.

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