Strengthening the agricultural sector and promoting rural development by offering adequate financial services


Local project partner
AgroBank, Microcreditbank, Xalq Banki
"Jugendunion" Uzbekistan, Union of Women in Business

German project partner
Sparkasse Fürth
Sparkasse im Landkreis Neustadt a. d. Aisch - Bad Windsheim


01.05.2019 - 30.04.2024

Uzbekistan's agriculture is characterized by low productivity, lack of diversification and outdated infrastructure. Financing necessary modernization measures to increase crop yields and improve farm incomes is a key function in advancing rural development, reducing poverty in rural regions and preventing environmental problems. At present, however, there is a lack of both suitable financial products and basic financial and entrepreneurial training for players in the agricultural sector.

This is where the project comes in. Banks need to know and be aware of the special features of seasonal production cycles. Since agricultural enterprises usually do not have sufficient collateral, alternative financing instruments are necessary.

On the demand side, agricultural enterprises need to be trained in financial and entrepreneurial education to make rational business decisions and understand the risks and requirements of financial instruments.

The project aims to strengthen the agricultural sector and promote rural development by offering adequate financial services, considering new technologies, in order to provide low-income rural populations and farms with more stable incomes and to improve food security.

Project Tasks

Supply side:

Provide advisory services to government institutions and non-governmental organizations

  • Support for more efficient cooperation between government institutions, social organizations, and the rural finance sector
  • Promotion of new technologies in agricultural finance

Provide advisory services to banks on

  • Development of demand-oriented products
  • Introduction of cash flow-based credit analysis
  • Cost reduction through more efficient processes and the use of new technologies

Demand side:

  • Training smallholder and agricultural businesses, especially young farmers (18 to 30 years old) in financial and entrepreneurial education, e.g., using German Sparkassenstiftung’s Business Games.

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