"People on the move" - support for controlled migration

[Translate to English:] Die Sparkassenstiftung unterstützt kommunale Zentren vor Ort in Georgien bei Maßnahmen zur finanziellen Bildung von potenziellen Migranten und Rückkehrern


Local Project Partners
Municipalities in Georgia

German Project Partners
In cooperation with the German Association of Adult Education (DVV)


07/2016 - 07/2017

Georgia is committed to EU rapprochement and many Georgians hope to improve their personal living conditions by seeking employment in the EU. Today already, a large number of Georgian women have already found work, caring for the elderly in various European countries. To help potential migrants and also returnees to prepare for the challenges that await them in their new environment, Georgia’s municipalities offer a range of different courses – to which Sparkassenstiftung has now added a financial education course consisting of specially adapted teaching materials. Furthermore, it has trained suitable trainers and even developed a system for monitoring the quality of training.

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