New Business Game "Managing Climate Resilience"

German Sparkassenstiftung has developed the new Managing Climate Resilience Business Game to empower agricultural enterprises with the ability to manage their businesses sustainably and resiliently in the face of climate change.

This is the board of the new Business Game.

The Business Game is designed as an interactive training for smallholders, aspiring farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs. In a fun way, participants learn what options they have in the face of steadily worsening climatic conditions and how they can effectively assess climate risks as well as business risks.

In the game, participants take over the management of a fictitious agricultural business. They try to make smart investment decisions and produce sustainable products, respond to unpredictable events, and compete with other teams.

The main goal is to increase farm resilience while maintaining economic efficiency. Up to 25 people can participate in the three-day training, where they are guided by experienced trainers. 

The Managing Climate Resilience Business Game will be used in German Sparkassenstiftung's 54 project countries from April 2023. The Business Game was developed in a cooperation between German Sparkassenstiftung and its partner organization BTS. The project was financially supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Further information on the Managing Climate Resilience Business Game and the other four Business Games can be found here:


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