Financial literacy in Georgia – Launch of a national strategy

Within a complex and in many cases non-transparent world of financial products, the issue of “financial literacy” gains more and more importance. Understanding basic financial interrelationships does not only help to make better provisions, but also protects against over-indebtedness and dubious providers of financial services. For that reason, the National Bank of Georgia has developed and passed a national strategy for financial literacy in cooperation with various stakeholders of the financial and educational sector. According to the Governor of the National Bank of Georgia, Koba Gvenetadze, this strategy supplements the existing rules and regulations for consumer protection, strengthens financial inclusion and at the same time stabilises the financial sector. The Georgian Ministry of Education is actively supporting these efforts; as of 2017 financial literacy is supposed to be incorporated in the curriculum.

The Sparkassenstiftung für internationale Kooperation (Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation) has actively accompanied the development of the national strategy as discussion partner and advisor and is now supporting the stakeholders in its implementation.


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