Training program in financial education for MSMEs


Local project partner
Bank of Mongolia (BoM)) and 100 MSMEs

German project partner

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

16.09.2020 - 26.03.2021

On behalf of the EBRD, Sparkassenstiftung supports the Bank of Mongolia in developing a "Financial Literacy Training Programme for MSMEs in Mongolia".

Sparkassenstiftung's team of experts will review the already existing financial literacy program for MSMEs in Mongolia, especially with regard to program objectives, training materials, implementation methods and results.

In addition, to identify the needs and expectations of MSMEs and to obtain information on their financial and economic literacy, up to 100 MSMEs will be surveyed. These MSMEs will be selected in close cooperation with the Bank of Mongolia (BoM), the EBRD, and the Mongolian Banking Association.

Training plans and teaching materials are being developed in close cooperation with the BoM.
Sparkassenstiftung will use its tried-and-tested business games - Savings Game and Micro Business Game. In addition, web-based seminars and accompanying materials on topics such as "How to develop a business plan?" and "How to deal with banks?" will be introduced.

Finally, a national conference is planned in Ulan Bator to present the results of the program and further raise stakeholder awareness of the importance of financial education.


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