Laos Myanmar Vietnam

Regional project for strengthening the regional microfinance network in South East Asia

Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam

Local Project Partners
Vietnam: Vietnam Women's Union (TYM, MIF), Vietnamese Central Bank, selected Universities
Laos: Lao Women's Union (WFDF, Village Funds),
Myanmar: CARD Myanmar Company Limited / Thitsa Works(Fintech)

German Project Partner
Sparkasse Essen

International Partner
CARD (Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development) MRI, Philippines
CARD Myanmar Co. Ltd. / Thitsa Works (Fintech)

German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

01.01.2015 - 31.12.2022

Equal access to financial services in Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar (especially in rural areas) is one of the greatest challenges in overcoming poverty and unequal living conditions. Financial institutions need the necessary institutional and human resource capacity to provide basic financial services on a cost-covering basis throughout the country. 

The aim of the project is to provide target groups in Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar with long-term, sustainable, and need-oriented access to financial services through a professional microfinance network. This will help to improve the living conditions of rural and in particular women-headed households. At the same time, micro and small entrepreneurs will be empowered to make investments and finance business projects, via the provision of debt capital. The digitization of processes plays an important role here.

In the consolidation phase, the capacities of (potential) employees will be promoted by strengthening practice-oriented training (in Vietnam).

Project Tasks

  1. mutual strengthening of the partner institutes through a regional network
  2. strengthening and professionalization of the partner institutes
  3. promotion of independent strategic planning by the individual partner institutes - especially against the background of digital challenges
  4. development of business continuity management measures
  5. extensive human resources development measures - including the promotion of practice-oriented training at selected universities (e.g., via German Sparkassenstiftung's Business Games).
  6. product development (including microinsurance)
  7. financial education for the target groups (potential customers of the partner institutions, potential employees in the financial sector)


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