Private and Financial Sector Development in Ghana


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German Project Partner
ICON (German consortium partner)

GIZ Ghana

27.02.2024 - 31.10.2025

Ghana has a young and large labour force potential, but only a limited supply of jobs. The greatest potential for job creation is attributed to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). The project aims to facilitate access to finance for MSMEs, strengthen their competitiveness, promote the utilisation of employment opportunities and develop the traction of the green economy to ultimately contribute to the key objective of improving job creation in the MSME sector.

The specific objective of the project is to improve employment in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in selected regions of Ghana. To this end, the aim is to improve both demand-orientated financial services for MSMEs and the range of services offered by regional networks. Returnees and potential migrants should utilise the job placement services offered by the network. In addition, the implementation of measures to promote the "green economy" for MSMEs is planned on a pilot basis.

The overall objective of the project is to improve the framework conditions for private (domestic and foreign) investment as well as the training, employment and income situation in the Ghanaian private sector, particularly in micro, medium and small enterprises (MSMEs), in the interests of sustainable and inclusive economic development.

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