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15.08.2021 - 14.05.2022

Armenia: Financial and environmental education to promote energy efficiency in communities (FELCA).

Sound financial and budget planning and smart investment strategies are essential for households in crisis situations. Particularly during the cold season, households in Armenia consume their reserves generated during the summer months and during harvest. Energy efficient investments to reduce inefficient energy expenditures are a very important factor for economic efficiency and preservation of the environment, especially in rural communities.

Azerbaijan: Financial and entrepreneurial training for smallholders under corona conditions

The project focuses on the economic region of Aran, the largest and most important agricultural region in Azerbaijan. With viticulture, dry-subtropical fruit growing, wheat cultivation, cotton production, and horticulture, Aran agriculture is heavily dependent on irrigation. The main problems of the region are the dry climate and the limited usability of the soil due to limited irrigation potential and soil erosion. These conditions place a great burden on smallholder farmers, who typically have limited financial resources and earn limited profits from farming activities. In addition to financial and business literacy training, smallholder farmers receive training on sustainable agriculture in arid climates.

Armenia: The goal is to support energy-efficient financial budget management to promote energy efficiency at the household level, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. This will be achieved through a modular approach consisting of financial and environmental literacy training, the use of DSIK's proprietary Savings Game, and the development of a calculation tool for energy efficiency at the household level.

Azerbaijan: Development of a training module for the sustainable use of agricultural resources (land and water), implementation of trainings to increase financial and entrepreneurial education (Savings Game, Micro Business Game).


  • Armenia: Conduct training, train trainers, develop training modules, monitor and evaluate training effects.
  • Azerbaijan: Conducting financial literacy and entrepreneurship training for smallholder farmers, conducting seminars on developing business development plans, capacity building for government agencies, conducting seminars on sustainable use of natural resources under pandemic conditions


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