Economic integration of Venezuelan micro- and small entrepreneurs in Bogota


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01.10.2023 - 31.05.2024

There is still a large need for action to enhance the economic inclusion of the Venezuelan migrants in Colombia. The lack of their economic inclusion, as well as of their financial and business education, is of strategic importance for improving their participation in the local economic system. An improved economic inclusion and strengthened business skills will encourage the creation, management, growth, and upscaling of their entrepreneurial activities and allow sound decision-making and management of private and business finances. As Venezuelan migrants improve their understanding of their own business development, they will grow the skills and the awareness of business opportunities to make informed and autonomous decisions that lead to business improvement. This will result in increased levels of income, formalisation, and overall improved economic and social well-being as well as in longterm integration in the host communities.

The overall goal of the project is to promote growth and stability of micro and small businesses of Venezuelan migrants by strengthening personal and business skills, with a particular focus on women.

Services provided:
Objective 1: Micro- and small entrepreneurs strengthen their personal and business skills through the coaching process, setting the fundamentals for their business improvement.
Objective 2: DSIK establishes different exchange platforms, which foster the transfer of Know-How and serve to the empowerment of Venezuelan micro- and small entrepreneurs in Bogota.

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