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Business Skills Development for Returning Victims of Human Traficking (Better Migration Management Horn of Africa)

Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia

Local Project Partner
GIZ Better Migration Management

German Project Partner


01.02.2024 - 01.02.2025

The Horn of Africa region serves as a complex landscape for migrants, with millions on the move, often irregularly and at risk of human trafficking. The Better Migration Management (BMM) programme, initiated by the European Union and Germany in 2016, aims to improve migration management in partner countries within the region. BMM operates through three interconnected components: supporting migration governance, combating human trafficking and smuggling, and protecting victims and vulnerable migrants. BMM works with a regional network of CSOs who provide various services to returning Victims of Human Trafficking (VoT) and vulnerable migrants, including small-scale grants and business support. However, a critical gap exists in providing returning VoT and vulnerable migrants with comprehensive business skills training. Without adequate training and capacity-building in entrepreneurial skills and business management, the grants and support provided are unlikely to lead to long-term economic stability for this vulnerable population.

Recognising that insufficient business skills hinder economic stability for this vulnerable population, DSIK's project seeks to empower them with essential entrepreneurial skills and business management expertise. By doing so, the project aims to create a lasting and positive impact on the lives of returning VoTs and vulnerable migrants, enabling them to regain their independence and build secure futures.

To address this gap the project aims to mitigate challenges faced by returning VoT and vulnerable migrants in the Horn of Africa through the implementation of Micro Business Games. These games will serve as a practical and effective means of delivering hands-on business training and support to the target group. The measures will be conducted in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and South Sudan.

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