German Sparkassenstiftung members

Well over half of all German Sparkassen and regional banks (Landesbanken), regional associations and other affiliated partners are members of German Sparkassenstiftung for International Cooperation (DSIK). Other companies and organisations with close ties to Sparkassen can also join.

Our members form the backbone of our organisation. They not only provide funding but also help shape the contents of our work. A strong advocate of transfers and practice-oriented Sparkassen-driven solutions, DSIK harnesses the extensive competence and expertise within its member organisations. This requires the Sparkassen to release highly qualified staff members from their regular duties for assignments in our projects. Alternatively, individual member organisations also engage in a direct partnership with a project and actively work with us on its implementation. This constitutes the quintessential core of our activities. By serving on the Board of Trustees, Management Board members from the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe also contribute personally to  German Sparkassenstiftung's ongoing strategic development. They are helping to spread the word about the Sparkassen model 'made in Germany' and so give developing countries and emerging economies an opportunity to create economically stable structures.

At the same time, by being members, the institutions are strengthening the Sparkassen system. When their staff see first hand how the cornerstones of the Sparkassen success model – its regional principle, social engagement, customer proximity and confidence – are able to generate the same effect far outside their original regional context, they become committed ambassadors of this system and strengthen their affinity with the Sparkasse brand. Also, development work lends political support to the Sparkassen model in a European context by showcasing the relationship between public benefit-oriented Sparkassen services and the rising prosperity of civil society.

Applications for membership – following acknowledgement of the statutes – can be submitted to the Management Board. The statutes regulate Sparkassenstiftung's duties and its organs.


List of current members (Status: August 2023)

German Sparkassenstiftung statutes (Version of March 9th, 2023)

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