Developing a national strategy to enhance the basic financial literacy of the Uzbek population


Local Project Partners
Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan

German Partners

Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammmenarbeit (GIZ)

11/2015 - 04/2017

Uzbekistan has around 30 million inhabitants, making it the most densely populated country in Central Asia. Some 60% of the people live in rural regions. Activities are part of a larger GIZ-backed project designed to foster inclusive and environmentally sound market-oriented growth in Uzbekistan.

Based on an analysis of general financial literacy in Uzbekistan, a gender-specific national strategy was developed to raise the level of basic financial education of the Uzbek population. This 5-year strategy details the objectives, structures, methods and target groups of financial education in Uzbekistan. Furthermore, a two-year action plan was devised, listing specific activities, responsibilities, a timeframe and budget for the strategy’s implementation.

Sparkassenstiftung completed all of this work by the close of 2016. In all, some 13 Uzbek ministries and institutions helped co-design the action roadmap and the financial and cost plans as well as the monitoring concept.

Project activities for the year under review also include several further training inputs for different actors. Courses for local trainers featuring simulations for financial budget planning and the promotion of small-scale enterprises have proven particularly successful in this context. Despite the delay in the adoption of a gender-specific strategy due to the elections of December 2016, the project is continuing to meet the high demand for its further training measures.


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