Republik Moldau

Strengthening sustainable development of rural areas by improving access to finance for climate-adaptive measures

Republic Of Moldova

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01.09.2020 - 31.08.2022

The overall objectives of the project are to slow down migration and rural exodus and to improve the development prospects of the rural population through a sustainable increase in productivity, income and employment.

The long-term project objective is to strengthen the development potential of rural regions in the Republic of Moldova by supporting an adequate supply of financial services, especially for investments in climate-adaptive measures, as well as improving the financial utilisation competence on the part of the rural population and enterprises (MSEs as well as farmers).

The following project outcomes are targeted:

The provision of financial services to commercial smallholder farmers and MSEs and potential rural entrepreneurs meets the needs for their sustainable, climate-resilient (economic) development.
Sustainable financial and entrepreneurial (further) education for rural populations is systematically implemented.
Rural population and financial service providers are motivated and able to use/offer financial services in such a way that they strive for sustainable climate resilience when investing.

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