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Strengthening MSMEs

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Argentina, Paraguay

Local project partner
Ministry of Commerce MIC, Paraguay
Development Bank Agencia Finaniera de Desarrollo AFD, Paraguay,
Financial Association Confederación Argentina de Mutualidades CAM, Argentinien

German project partner


01.07.2020 - 30.06.2022

In Argentina and Paraguay, many MSMEs finance themselves largely from their own resources. Companies and citizens have not yet regained confidence in the banking system after the major losses resulting from financial crises in the past. In addition, the range of financing options for MSMEs in these countries consists largely of loans; other forms of financing and diversification of different financial services are not offered or promoted sufficiently. The promotion of concrete financing mechanisms for the different development stages (start-up, growth, and competitiveness) of MSMEs must be supported to increase the developmental contribution of MSMEs.

The project aims to strengthen MSMEs in Paraguay and Argentina in a way that generates growth, creates decent employment and promotes the local economy.

This includes creating improved and sustainable access for MSMEs to demand-driven financial services while enhancing MSMEs' financial competencies.

  • The financial competencies of MSMEs should be improved so that they are empowered and motivated to make adequate financial decisions, both as individuals and as entrepreneurs.
  • MSMEs in Paraguay and Argentina should have better access to financial services, use them more intensively and experience a higher quality of products and/or advice.
  • The target group is to be provided with a comprehensive range of measures through increased cooperation between institutions concerned with various aspects of strengthening MSMEs.

Project Tasks

  • Needs analysis of MSMEs regarding financial services
  • Analysis of MSME business activities of financial institutions
  • Development or expansion of the MSME business activities of the financial institutions
  • Target group-oriented training measures
  • Development and adaptation of products and services for MSMEs
  • Implementation of financial and entrepreneurial literacy measures (e.g. business plan preparation courses, Micro Business Game, etc.)
  • Selection and training of local trainers

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