Finanzgruppe Sparkassenstiftung



Caucasus, Central Asia and Middle East


Armenia Pfeil Financing of renewable energies
Pfeil Strengthening the mobilisation of savings by facilitating financial literacy and the protection of consumers of financial services
Pfeil Introduction of World Savings Day in Armenia and Conference on Responsible Finance
Pfeil My Money Month
Pfeil Economic integration of Syrian refugees
Armenia / Georgia / Azerbaijan Pfeil Credit Guarantee Fund (CGF)
Armenia / Azerbaijan / Georgia / Ukraine / Moldova Pfeil Conference Series „Financial Sector in Southwest CIS countries“
Armenia / Azerbaijan / Georgia / Iran / Ukraine Pfeil Regional Project Responsible Finance for the Caucasus – Financial Literacy, Consumer Protection, Responsible Finance
Armenia / Azerbaijan / Belarus / Georgia / Moldova / Ukraine Pfeil Eastern Partnership - Women in Business Technical Co-operation Programme
Azerbaijan Pfeil Introduction of Corporate Governance Standards
Pfeil German-Azerbaijanian Fund – Sustainable loans for small enterprises
Pfeil Strengthening the banking sector and microlending
Pfeil Support to Bank Respublika
Pfeil Technical Assistance on Support to a Bank Training Centre for the Commercial Banking Sector
Pfeil Extension of rural lending business
Azerbaijan / Georgia Pfeil Assistance for Retail Banks in SME Business / Set-up of a Bank Network
Pfeil Mobilisation of savings
Serbia / Georgia / Azerbaijan / Transnational Projects Pfeil Consulting and institutional strengthening of different training facilities of the financial institutions in Serbia, Georgia and Azerbaijan
Ukraine Pfeil Restructuring of the State Savings Bank of Ukraine (Oschadny Bank)
Pfeil Set-up of Ukrainian Finance and Banking School
Pfeil Implementation of MSME Day and kick-off of World Savings Day in the Ukraine

Central Asia

Kyrgyzstan / Tajikistan / Turkmenistan Pfeil Savings banks partnership project for the introduction of dual vocational training in the financial sector of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan
Tajikistan Pfeil Support to Tojik Sodirot Bank (TSB) in mobilisation of savings and lending to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME)
Turkmenistan Pfeil Introduction of dual vocational training for bank specialists (customer consultants)
Uzbekistan Pfeil Development of Xalq Banki
Pfeil Development of a national strategy for mobilising local savings potential in Uzbekistan
Pfeil Financial sector development in Uzbekistan: Promotion of micro, small and medi-um-sized enterprises, development of a microinsurance company and introduction of dual vocational training for bank specialists
Pfeil Development of a gender-specific programme to increase basic financial literacy in Uzbekistan