Finanzgruppe Sparkassenstiftung




Botswana Pfeil Institutional Strengthening of Botswana Savings Bank
Mexico / Vietnam / Botswana / Namibia / South Africa Pfeil Financial Literacy – A comparing study executed in selected countries
Burundi Pfeil Professionalising the microfinance sector in Burundi
Burundi / Rwanda / Tanzania Pfeil Regional Project “Vocational Training and Strengthening of the Microfinance Sector in East Africa”
Cameroon Pfeil Savings banks partnership project to strengthen the village savings banks (CVECA) in Cameroon
Ghana Pfeil Savings banks partnership project with the Ghana Cooperative Credit Unions Association (CUA) – Set-up of an academy
Ghana / Gambia Pfeil Strengthening the credit unions in providing financial services in Ghana and The Gambia
Kenya Pfeil Raising the qualification level of Kenya Post Office Savings Bank’s staff
Kenya / Tanzania / Uganda Pfeil Support to the founding process of the Association of Savings Banks of East Africa
Madagascar Pfeil Development of the Caisse d’Epargne de Madagascar (CEM) into a universal credit institution
Mozambique Pfeil Introducing World Savings Day
Namibia Pfeil Restructuring of Namibia Post Office Savings Bank
Pfeil Savings banks partnership project with the microfinance institution Kongalend
Rwanda Pfeil Professionalising the microfinance sector
Pfeil Set-up of a training facility in Rwanda and a Resource Center in East Africa
Pfeil Establishing a Cooperative Bank in Rwanda
South Africa Pfeil Strengthening of Teba Bank Ltd.
Pfeil Strengthening the institutional development of the South African Postbank into an universal credit institution
Tanzania Pfeil Conceptional framework for the restructuring of Tanganyika Post Office Savings Bank
Pfeil Consulting of Tanzania Postal Bank on the introduction of POS terminals
Pfeil Support of basic vocational education for financial institutions in Tanzania
Uganda Pfeil Restructuring of PostBank Uganda Ltd.
Pfeil Comprehensive support to CERUDEB
Zambia Pfeil Strenghtening basic financial education in Zambia
Pfeil Basic financial literacy imparted through micro business game within the scope of the UN World Food Programme (WFP)