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Support to Institutional Development of CARD (Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development)

CARD (Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development), Bank / NGO
Origin of funding
German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Dates (start/end)

1996 - 2004
15 short-term expert


Project description

The main objective of the project is to provide support for CARD’s transformation into a rural bank, licensed by the Central Bank of the Philippines. CARD is the largest NGO in the field of micro-finance in the Philippines. Lending activities are based on the Grameen-Bank approach. Currently, CARD has 63,000 members and 36 branches. The project aims at the improvement of organisational procedures and the structure. Furthermore it is supposed to increase banking capacity in the field of lending as well as deposit business. The project also provides and manages a revolving credit fund to CARD.


Services provided

  • Organisation and human resource development, information technology
  • Accounting and treasury
  • Internal audit
  • Management information systems
  • Credit and risk management
  • Financial management / management of a revolving credit fund