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Restructuring of the Savings Banks Sector in Mexico

Various Mexican savings banks federations (UNISAP, Noreste, CCNCS, FNCS, FINE, FMEAC, Alianza, Fortaleza Social, FENAP), 175 cajas (savings banks)
Origin of funding
World Bank, German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Dates (start/end)

2005 - 2008

6 international long-term experts, 40 local staff, 10 international short-term experts


Project description

Albeit a large number of commercial banks offer its services in Mexico, the bulk of the population, especially in rural areas, does hardly have access to financial services. One of the most important providers of financial services to the less privileged are the so called “cajas” of which about 700 offer savings and loans. These small banks / financial institutions however have a number of deficiencies. In order to provide large parts of the population with financial services the Mexican Government decided to strengthen these banks.

The project in Mexico consists of two parts: the first project focuses on the improvement of the legal and organisational framework of the savings banks sector in Mexico, whereas the second project focuses on restructuring 230 savings banks in order to strengthen their operational performance and to bring them in line with the formal requirements of the new savings banks law.

The project developed a law for the sector (LACP) and a concept for supervision through the banking supervision authority CNBV, both were introduced in 2002. Furthermore a concept for federations and a confederation of savings banks in Mexico was elaborated; assistance to two federations in its implementation has been rendered. The project provides training to member institutions and links the federations to other federations and the national confederation. Individual restructuring plans for some of the savings banks have been developed and implemented.


Services provided

  • Redefinition of legal framework, including by-laws and concept for state supervision
  • Development of concept for the restructuring of the federation level of banking institutions
  • Technical assistance for federations on developing consulting services and training programmes for member banks
  • Development of internal organisation, work-flows and procedures for banking federations
  • Training on-the-job, seminar-based training
  • Development and implementation of institutional development plans for individual (savings) banks
  • Advisory services in the field of organisation, HRM, credit and risk management, branch network management and auditing