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Vietnam / Laos / Cambodia / Myanmar

Regional Project to strengthen the microfinance network in former Indochina and Myanmar

Southeast Asia

Vietnam / Laos / Cambodia / Myanmar
  • Vietnam Women’s Union (TYM, FPW, MFTC)
  • Lao Women’s Union (WFDF Development DTMFI / Village Funds)
  • Myanmar Development Partners
  • CARD Myanmar Co. Ltd.
  • Cambodian SAMIC Plc.
German partners
Sparkasse Essen (International partner: CARD)
Origin of funding
German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Dates (start/end)

2015 - 2020 (planned)

Currently: First main project phase from 01.01.2015 to 31.03.2018




Project description

The current activities of the Regional Project in former Indochina and Myanmar are helping to strengthen the network of microfinance organisations, which has spent built up in the predecessor project. Eight partner organisations are now involved in our Regional Project in Indochina and Myanmar where they are helping to craft a sustainable network of microfinance organisations that will enable members to learn from one another, strengthen each other and benefit from international experience. In this way, Sparkassenstiftung has produced precisely the kind of organised platform all project partners said they wanted in order to be able to exchange experience in the region. At the same time, Sparkassenstiftung is now able to disseminate project results widely throughout Southeast Asia. Synergy effects are created thanks to well-coordinated expert assignments and joint activities of the cooperation partners as well as mutual participation in experiences gained and tried and tested approaches.

The most important project component are the encompassing advisory services rendered by the project partners Sparkasse Essen and CARD (Center for Agriculture and Rural Development), a highly successful microfinance institution in the Philippines. At the end of the 90ies, CARD itself was supported by Sparkassenstiftung and Sparkasse Essen.

The Regional Project pursues the following goals:

  • Mutual strengthening through the regional network formed by the involved local partner institutions in former Indochina and Myanmar
  • Professionalise the partner institutions’ organisational structures, thus enabling them to operate more efficiently
  • Strengthen low-income households in the region by giving them long-term and customer-oriented access to financial services
  • Enhance the households’ capability to make use of these financial services
  • Introduce financial products for micro and small enterprises in the regions.





Services provided

  • Expand and professionalise the imparting of skills and expertise in the regional context
  • Increase outreach
  • Provide demand-oriented savings and loan products
  • Improve efficiency of working procedures