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Photo: Ferdinand Feldgen, Sparkassenstiftung


EU-China Financial Services Cooperation Project

Photo: Ferdinand Feldgen, Sparkassenstiftung
Photo: Ferdinand Feldgen, Sparkassenstiftung
National institutions of the Chinese Financial Sector
Origin of funding
Dates (start/end)

2002 – ongoing
6 SBFIC international experts only, other experts engaged by the Consortium


Project description

Within the scope of the “EU-China Financial Services Cooperation Project” the national institutes of the Chinese financial sector are rendered advice with the objective to foster the further development of the legal framework for banks, insurance companies and stock exchanges, to strengthen the structures and the performance capacities of those three sectors of the financial system by providing methods and materials for basic and advanced training and to round up the knowledge and expertise of highly qualified managers and experts by offering special seminars, workshops and study trips.

Furthermore, SBFIC offers inter alia a bank management training based on a bank management simulation game. This special management seminar, which was carried out within the scope of the EU project in the first half of 2004 by a project manager of SBFIC at the training institute of the Chinese Central Bank, was met with an extremely positive response. That is why the Chinese Central Bank commissioned the SBFIC to execute several follow-up seminars on expense of the Central Bank. For 2005 it is planned to carry out around 12 seminars with 40 to 60 participants each at different Chinese commercial banks (Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Huaxia Bank). In the seminar work, the participants are familiarised with the elaboration and implementation of banking strategies in a competitive environment. The participants have to fulfil management tasks with the help of a computer-based market model in a competitive environment:


Services provided

  • Strengthening bank supervision
  • Co-operation between Central Bank and Bank Supervisory Authority
  • Bank management training (bank management simulation game)
  • Development of statistics on financial stability
  • Organisation of study visits, seminars and conferences