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Consulting and Training for the Russian Sberbank

Sberegatelny Bank Rossisky Federacii (Sberbank)
Origin of funding
German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), EU-Phare, Sberbank
Dates (start/end)

1992 - 2003
4 international long term experts, 20 short-term experts


Project description

SBFIC has supported the Russian Sberbank for a period of 10 years, in the course of which Sberbank developed from a deposit-taking institution into a successful universal bank. Besides strategy development and the establishment of a modern foreign exchange trading (including the development of a suitable IT), the training of Sberbank’s almost 200,000 staff members has been one of the priority fields already from the beginning. The project supported the establishment of a central and several regional bank training centres/academies. Moreover, Sberbank was promoted in the core fields “Training of specialised and management staff” and “Support to business development through partnership projects between regional Sberbanks and German Sparkassen/ Landesbanken“. In the time period from 1992 through to 2003 more than 100 seminars were held in Russia and Germany focusing on various topics, such as bank management, loan business, liquidity management, payment transactions, business and management economics/controlling/monitoring, international business, staff management, audit, consulting of corporate customers and corporate banking.

Sberbank’s training efforts received another strong impulse through a project to set up a distance learning system. During the course of the project, a central training institution and several regional training institutions were established. The partnership project between eight financial institutions of the German Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe and five regional banks of Sberbank focused on the consulting of Sberbank management in key business and management fields. During the term of the project Sberbank underwent a massive change. Its lending business immensely increased in both absolute and relative terms (in recent years even loans to SME and private customers marked a strong expansion).



Services provided

  • Development of strategic concepts
  • Establishment of a central and several regional bank training centres/academies, training and consulting of training centre/academy management and of multipliers, introduction of distance learning courses
  • Raising the qualification level of specialised and management staff at Sberbank’s head office and at the regional banks
  • Development of specialised know-how and competence in the regions
  • Consulting of selected regional banks in key business and management fields
  • Establishment of a functioning foreign exchange trading and international payments transactions