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Establishment of an in-house training system

Banco Caja Social
Origin of funding
Dates (start/end)

1993 - 1998
1 international long-term expert,
8 short-term experts, local staff


Project description

With the help of the project, Banco Caja Social was transformed from a savings institution, administering savings deposits and extending loans to a limited extent, into a universal and fully-fledged savings bank. This transformation culminated in enabling Banco Caja Social to offer financial services to poor households and SME on a sustainable and long-term basis.

A core focus of the project was the establishment of a dual in-house training system. In cooperation with the state occupational training institute SENA, an eighteen-month course of basic bank training, involving alternating three-month phases of classroom and practical instruction, was introduced at Banco Caja Social. Within the scope of the project, a fund for the elaboration respectively supply of didactical material was administered.

Moreover, a pilot loan scheme for micro enterprises was launched, introducing a special lending technology for this customer group. Thus, the project rendered support in expanding and institutionalising this special form of lending business.


Services provided

  • Consultancy on all issues related to business policy
  • Support in the area of staff selection and techniques for capability analyses
  • Introduction of integrated study courses
  • Implementation of a special lending technology catering to micro enterprises
  • Execution of information visits to Germany