Finanzgruppe Sparkassenstiftung


  • Boards

    Sparkassenstiftung’s executive bodies comprise the Board of Management, the Board of Trustees and the General Assembly. The Board of Trustees supervises the activities of the Board of Management and decides on the guidelines governing Sparkassenstiftung’s project work. The Board of Management is responsible for managing Sparkassenstiftung’s operations and its representation to third parties. 



    The strongholds of Sparkassenstiftung’s work are its members. They include institutions belonging to the German and international savings banks organisations. Through practical and financial support, these members enable the transfer of know-how of German Sparkassen (savings banks) to partner institutions in developing and emerging countries.


  • Contact Partners

    More than 200 staff members are involved in Sparkassenstiftung’s project all over the world. This includes the staff of Sparkassenstiftung’s Bonn-based headquarters as well as the experts and local staff members working in the project offices abroad.



    In 1992, Sparkassenstiftung für internationale Kooperation (Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation) was founded by the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe (Savings Banks Finance Group). Thus, the social mandate of the German Sparkassen (savings banks) goes far beyond regional development measures and includes international projects in developing and emerging countries.