Finanzgruppe Sparkassenstiftung


Think globally, act locally, cooperate internationally

Over the last 200 years, German Sparkassen have developed into one of the largest financial groups worldwide, successfully combining a high degree of professionalism with a strong social mandate. The mission of the Sparkassenstiftung für internationale Kooperation (Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation - SBFIC) is to make the German Sparkassen experience accessible to similar financial institutions in other developing and transition countries. To this end, the Sparkassenstiftung provides state-of-the-art training and services to its partner institutions around the globe.


In 1992, Germany's Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe established the Sparkassenstiftung für internationale Kooperation (Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation - SBFIC). Since that time, the Sparkassenstiftung is actively supporting financial institutions, promoting a sustainable economic and social development at a local, regional or national level by offering banking services that are tailored to the needs of the target groups. The Sparkassenstiftung aims to enhance the professional capacity of its partner institutions, empowering them to offer their customers a permanent access to financial services. In particular small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), but also poor population strata and social fringe groups belong to the target groups of the Sparkassenstiftung's partner institutions. Focusing business operations on the SME sector and small-income earners actually benefits the partner institutions themselves: serving small businesses and private clients allows to generate stable and sufficient profits on a sustainable basis.

By strengthening regional and local financial structures, the Sparkassenstiftung not only helps to improve development options for broad segments of the population and local companies, but ultimately helps to generate jobs and income.

This mirrors the approach and objectives pursued by the German Sparkassen and exerts a stabilising effect on the financial sector concerned and thus on the overall economic development of the respective country. 200 years of history of German Sparkassen have proven that sustainable microfinance is only possible if based on efficient organisation and professionalism - these are the central factors of success the Sparkassenstiftung imparts to its partners.

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